Distance in ( Kilometers ) 75

4.  Maternal health issues.

From iron-deficiency anemia to high blood pressure, the changes a woman experiences during pregnancy can impact a woman’s health.

“Preconception care is really important,” says Jessica W. Kiley, MD, obstetrician and gynecologist at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. “Women with diabetes or high blood pressure should have these conditions under the best control possible when they plan to conceive.” Those with high-

risk conditions, like major cardiac disorders and neurological issues, should discuss their care plan with their physician. And, women should not conceive immediately after having weight loss surgery.

During pregnancy, Dr. Kiley suggests making sure women have adequate nutrition and take preventive measures by getting the appropriate immunizations. You may continue to exercise as normal, but consult your physician if you have any questions. “There’s a notion that you shouldn’t take medication during pregnancy,” says Dr. Kiley. “Many conditions require appropriate medical treatment. It’s an important conversation you should have with your physician



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